Gin Palace Cabaret – A Review

I know I am running late for my review – but better late than never. Work was a bit too much of a brain killer over easter.

The show – Gin Palace Cabaret – hosted by my favourite clown Ferkel Johnson – who recently left Berlin (tzzzzz) – and marvolous burlesque dancer Champagner Sparkles – was a blast. The Grüner Salon at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz is the perfect location for this classy sassy event. They pour out great drinks in an historical ambient that prepares the audience for the upcoming show. While having a drink at the bar you should look around the audience – everybody is dressed up and excited for the show. If you know the burlesque scene of Berlin a little better you will see some familiar faces.

The show started and the glamourous host Ferkel Johnson annonced that he will leave Berlin – what a pitty for the city. That was quite a shock, but the better Diva Desaster rocked the stage as the first act and performed an flamenco inspired show. After that Rebecco Fox entered the stage and turned Berlin Mitte into Broadway. How great, decadent and amazing!

After a short break the show returned with a little boylesque teaser with Russel Bruner and an amazing act from Italy by Albadoro Gala. A woderful, elegant and feminin performer. Fantastic funny highlight of these show was Champagner Sparkles herself performing the classic burlesque-act-in-a-martini-glas in a little different way. It was hilarious!

For brilliant pictures by Fragment of Light, please click on the picture below:

gin palace märz 2015

It was a really fun night with great performer – make sure you will purchase your tickets for the next show!

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